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PART 1: Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You If You Properly Use These 10 Phrases

“Grammar: the difference between knowing you’re shit and knowing your shit.”

How good are you? Check your knowledge and let me know in comments 🙂

  • Question of

    “Cease the day” or “Seize the day”?

    • Cease the day
    • Seize the day
  • Question of

    “Play by year” or “Play by ear”?

    • Play by year
    • Play by ear
  • Question of

    “On accident” or “By accident”?

    • On accident
    • By accident
  • Question of

    “For all intents and purposes” or “For all intensive purposes”?

    • For all intents and purposes
    • For all intensive purposes
  • Question of

    “Irregardless” or “Regardless”?

    • Irregardless
    • Regardless
  • Question of

    “Conversating” or “Conversing”?

    • Conversating
    • Conversing
  • Question of

    “Expresso” or “Espresso”?

    • Expresso
    • Espresso
  • Question of

    “One in the same” or “One and the same”?

    • One in the same
    • One and the same
  • Question of

    “Deep-seated” or “Deep-seeded”?

    • Deep-seated
    • Deep-seeded
  • Question of

    “Should of” or “Should have”?

    • Should of
    • Should have


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