Olympic Games

Olympic Games are started by Greeks.These Games are given the name of Olympic at the name of Olympia, a valley where the Games took place first in 776 BC. In Olympic, thousands of athletes take part from all over the world. Today, I am going to test your knowledge about Olympic Games. Are you ready? lets start.

  • The Olympic Games were started in the honor of

    • Zeus
    • Hera
  • The Roman emperor banned games

    • Diocletian
    • Julius Nepos
    • Odosius
  • The Olympic were not held again for

    • 1503 years
    • 1603 years
  • Cricket was included for last time in Olympic

    • 1800Bc
    • 1900 BC
  • The rings on the flag of Olympic represented

    • Five ocean
    • Five countries
    • Five continent
  • Which country has the lowest Olympic medals per ca pita

    • Bengladesh
    • Sri Lanka
    • Indea
  • Which country is populous to never win on Olympic medal

    • Bengladesh
    • IndeaNo
  • Which country have won at least one gold medal at every summer Games

    • America
    • Australia
    • Great Britain
  • How many colors on the Olympic flag?

    • Four
    • Five
  • Which city has hosted the summer Olympic three times?

    • Tokyo
    • Paris
    • London

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