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Nursery rhymes: a quiz

Here are some quiz questions relating to nursery rhymes that may or may not be familiar – depending on your age and upbringing. However, it might be possible to work out the correct answer even if you don’t know the rhyme.

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    What did the old woman who lived in a shoe give her children to eat?

    • Bread and broth
    • Neither bread nor broth
    • Broth without any bread
    • Bread without any broth
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    What will poor Robin do when the North wind blows?

    • Put his head under his wing to keep warm
    • Fly south for the winter
    • Find something to eat
    • Freeze to death
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    How much money did Simple Simon have?

    • A penny
    • A shilling
    • None at all
    • Enough for a pie
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    What is Tuesday’s child?

    • Fair of face
    • Full of grace
    • Full of woe
    • Has far to go
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    What did Jack Horner pull out of the pie?

    • An apple
    • A pear
    • A peach
    • A plum
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    One is for sorrow, but what are five for?

    • Silver
    • Gold
    • A girl
    • Joy
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    Why did Dr Foster never go back to Gloucester?

    • He had lost his way when going there
    • He fell into a very deep puddle
    • He was robbed in the street
    • He died on the way home
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    After the cow jumped over the Moon, who laughed?

    • The dish
    • The spoon
    • The cat
    • The dog
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    What did Little Miss Muffet eat?

    • Bread and cheese
    • Bacon and eggs
    • Curds and whey
    • Fish and chips
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    Who put Pussy in the well?

    • Little Johnny Green
    • Little Tommy Stout
    • Little Bessie Brown
    • Little Wendy White


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