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Name the Ugliest Plants

Some plants are ugly and some are both ugly and smelly. Just have fun with this. Take a look at the photo and read the description. Then decide what the name of the ugly plant is. 

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    This flower is officially labeled as the World’s Most Ugly. It smells to high heaven and that is the reason for its name. It blooms every four to six years, has a life-expectancy of 40-years, and can grow as high as 5 ft.

    • Flower of the Dead
    • Corpse Flower
    • Deadly Flower
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    This was supposedly a mushroom discovered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S. in 1915 It was often found at the edge of the woods. At first it looks like a mushroom known as the puffball but the a stalk forms and arms that taper. Then it resembles a creature found in the sea.

    • Stinky Squid
    • Ugly Mushroom Plant
    • Odd Sea Plant
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    Take a good look at this flower and think about what it looks like from a distance.Quite possibly it can remind one of an animal. It grows in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The shrub has grey-white mounds and can spread 5 ft. Hairs cover the tiny leaves and there are flowers beneath.

    • Woolly Mammoth Plant
    • Sheep Wool Plant
    • Vegetable Sheep
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    This plant originates from south-west Africa and can be found in Nambia and Angola. It is considered to be a living fossil. The plant grows two leaves from one thick trunk and as it grows the leave split. Some plants can be over 1000 years old.

    • Tree Tumbo
    • Tree Bark Plant
    • Bark Plant
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    Another name for this plant is pipe vines. It is widespread in various climates. It has an intertwining stem with simple leaves.

    • Spiny Plant
    • Birthwort
    • Odd Wort Plant
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    Look closely at this plant and see if it reminds you of something some animals might have. This plant is found in the North Cape of Nambia and has a thick trunk that is densely covered with spines. A crown appear at the top during the growing months of winter. From August to October velvet-textured flowers appear.

    • Pinocchio Plant
    • Long Trunk Plant
    • Elephant’s Trunk
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    This plant comes from South America and is a slow-growing shrub with grayish flowers that bloom in March and April. It is often used as an ornamental plant for its fragrance. Due to loss of habitat it is under threat of extinction.

    • Thorn of the Cross
    • Thorny Plant
    • Thorns and Horns
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    Originates from South Africa, The bulb is pale green. New branches appear each year and it looks like an elongated asparagus with greenish flowers.

    • Stemy Plant
    • Bad Hair Day Plant
    • Sea Onion
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    Also known as tropical pitcher plants they come from a family of over 120 species. They’re vine forming and originate from south China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It grows as a climbing vine and has the name of animals that swing in trees.

    • Open Monkey Plant
    • Monkey Tree Plant
    • Monkey Cups
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    An ornamental plant that is slow-growing. It originates from Nambia in Africa. Its large shiny leaves fall during winter and fruit-like bunches appear near the end of summer.

    • Nambian Grape
    • Fruit Tree Plant
    • Nambian Fruit Plant


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  1. I got 7 out of 10 in this fun quiz, Rasma! In fact I know the botanic names for some that I got wrong here – I have seeds which I am about to sow for the “tree tumbo” (which I know as Welwitschia). It is totally amazing, so please wish me success in growing it 🙂


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