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How much do you know about wine?

I don’t know about others but I grew up in a culture that favors the wine above all the other drinks.

I never understood the real idea behind the colored ink as I never learned to appreciate it or it’s amiable influence to the health.

But, let’s see how much do you know about wine!

  • Young wine has aroma while old one has a bouquet

    • Yes
    • No, it is the other way around
  • Book of Jonah is the only part of Old Testament not mentioning wine

    • Yes, it is the only part
    • No, there are other parts too without it
  • The moderate, regular wine drinking can’t reduce the risk of many modern diseases

    • Yes, this is correct
    • No, incorrect, it actually CAN
  • By the Code of Hammurabi the fraudulent wine sellers were drowned in mud

    • No, in oil
    • No, in water
  • Ancient Greek host would drink wine the first to prove that it is not poisoned

    • Yes, this is correct
    • No, ridiculous, it was a custom
  • Romans mixed lead with wine to helped preserve it

    • Yes, and it was cause of many deaths
    • No, it is toxic, they didn’t do it
  • There is a strong indication that the wine mentioned in Bible, was not even fermented

    • Yup, apparently it was a grape juice
    • No, of course it was
  • There are a few drinkable types of wine that can last longer than a decade bottled

    • Yes, most of wines are kept for decoration after a decade or even less
    • No, all wines improve with age
  • Tutankhamen was buried with the wine jars

    • Yes, and they were labeled particularly detailed
    • No, he was buried with jars of honey
  • IN middle ages wine was transported in pig made wine skins with hairy parts turned inside out

    • Yes, they found this practice convenient
    • No, unclean and disgusting

What do you think?

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