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How much do you know about wine?

I don’t know about others but I grew up in a culture that favors the wine above all the other drinks.

I never understood the real idea behind the colored ink as I never learned to appreciate it or it’s amiable influence to the health.

But, let’s see how much do you know about wine!

  • Question of

    Young wine has aroma while old one has a bouquet

    • Yes
    • No, it is the other way around
  • Question of

    Book of Jonah is the only part of Old Testament not mentioning wine

    • Yes, it is the only part
    • No, there are other parts too without it
  • Question of

    The moderate, regular wine drinking can’t reduce the risk of many modern diseases

    • Yes, this is correct
    • No, incorrect, it actually CAN
  • Question of

    By the Code of Hammurabi the fraudulent wine sellers were drowned in mud

    • No, in oil
    • No, in water
  • Question of

    Ancient Greek host would drink wine the first to prove that it is not poisoned

    • Yes, this is correct
    • No, ridiculous, it was a custom
  • Question of

    Romans mixed lead with wine to helped preserve it

    • Yes, and it was cause of many deaths
    • No, it is toxic, they didn’t do it
  • Question of

    There is a strong indication that the wine mentioned in Bible, was not even fermented

    • Yup, apparently it was a grape juice
    • No, of course it was
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    There are a few drinkable types of wine that can last longer than a decade bottled

    • Yes, most of wines are kept for decoration after a decade or even less
    • No, all wines improve with age
  • Question of

    Tutankhamen was buried with the wine jars

    • Yes, and they were labeled particularly detailed
    • No, he was buried with jars of honey
  • Question of

    IN middle ages wine was transported in pig made wine skins with hairy parts turned inside out

    • Yes, they found this practice convenient
    • No, unclean and disgusting


What do you think?


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  1. 8 out of 10, Agate. Regarding “There is a strong indication that the wine mentioned in Bible, was not even fermented” your ‘correct answer’ seems totally at odds with the facts. Drunkenness is mentioned more than 70 times in the Bible!

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