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How Much Do You Know About the US History?

We all think that we know much about everything. But, is it really so? How much do we know about our history or any other nation history at all? Let’s check how much we know about the history of The United States of America!

  • From how many states is the United States of America composed ?

    • 48
    • 50
    • 52
  • What is the capital of the USA ?

    • New York City
    • Chicago
    • Washington, D.C.
  • When did start the European colonization of the Americas ?

    • In 11th century
    • In 15th century
    • In 17th century
  • Who was the first president of the United States ?

    • Abraham Lincoln
    • Bill Clinton
    • George Washington
  • When did the United States enter World War II ?

    • After the English attack on Texas
    • After the German attack on New York
    • After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  • Which country did present the Statue of Liberty to the US as a gift ?

    • England
    • France
    • German
  • Where was the famous Tea Party ?

    • In Boston
    • In Seattle
    • In Detroit
  • When was the terrorist attack on the US by al-Qaeda when crashed both tween towers of the World Trade Center ?

    • On October 11,2001
    • On September 11, 2001
    • On November 11, 2001
  • Who was the first African-American President of the United States ?

    • Jesse Owens
    • Barack Obama
    • Martin Luther King

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  2. ..why did I got a perfect score when in fact I’m not an Merican …haha (just kidding), but I did maybe a wild guess on some answers…I was surprised ur quiz on this one got a whooping views…If you will have lots of quizzes, u wil certainly make it on the list soon enough…good job milenazoran..:)


    • Finally result is important haha πŸ™‚ Maybe you are good at it but you didn’t know haha πŸ™‚ My quiz just helped you in that πŸ™‚ About views-that’s what I told you, I have several posts with a large number of views but have only 10,000 points for two months, so I don’t believe I’ll ever come to the rank list. But, never mind ! And, as I said before, I like quizzes very much . I would make them but something is wrong with Virily, so I don’t have a will to work on it anymore. I made one yesterday and when I wanted to send it, Virily said that they had some problems and I couldn’t do it πŸ™ Anyway, thank you for your support πŸ™‚



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