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How much do you know about Pandas?

There are beautiful, cute and very attached to humans when living in captivity. But, how much do you know about them? Let’s check!

  • Question of

    Pandas live only 10 years

    • Yes, 10 years
    • No, 20-30 years
    • 50 years
  • Question of

    Panda cubs have rounded eyespots

    • Yes
    • No
    • They have no eyespots
  • Question of

    Panda is on an endangered specie list for last 50 years

    • Yes, roughly
    • No, just from 1990
    • From 2000
  • Question of

    Panda symbolizes only one thing

    • Hospitality in Nepal
    • Peace in China
    • Love in India
  • Question of

    There is only 3000 pandas today in a world

    • Yes, around 3700 to be correct
    • No, there is only 1000 of them today
    • Actually, there is approximately 10 000 of them.
  • Question of

    Pandas walk with their front paws turned inward

    • Yes, and it is ridiculous
    • No no way
    • Yes, but only during the spring
  • Question of

    Pandas can run very fast

    • Yes, like any other bear they are very fast
    • No, they can’t run at all
    • No, they can’t run fast
  • Question of

    Maturation of panda takes 10 years

    • Yes
    • No, it takes half of that
    • No, it takes 7 years
  • Question of

    Newborn baby panda weights less than 5 oz

    • Yes, but only some cubs
    • No, it is a size of a new born mouse
    • Yes, baby is 900 times smaller than a mother
  • Question of

    Pandas spend 15 hours a day eating

    • Yes, they need lot of fruit
    • No, they eat only 5 hours
    • Bamboo takes a lot to chew


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