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How Much Do You Know About Kenya?

Kenya is my country. It is a land with too many tourist attractions. Many tourists normally come to our country. They have an opportunity to bask in our scorching sun at the coast. Kenya has a good variety of animals too.

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    Which of these countries does not border Kenya?

    • Uganda
    • South Sudan
    • North Sudan
    • Tanzania
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    Kenyan national anthemn is…

    • Of four stanzas
    • Begins with a description of the land
    • Not so sweet to the ears
    • A prayer to God
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    Which fresh water lake is found in Kenya?

    • Lake Magadi
    • Lake Kioga
    • Lake Victoria
    • All the three
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    How many colors has the Kenyan flag?

    • 4
    • 3
    • 6
    • 5
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    Which water mass borders Kenya?

    • Mediterranean sea
    • Lake Naivasha
    • Indian ocean
    • Red sea
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    The former president of America, Obama, has his roots into which tribe in Kenya?

    • Luo
    • Luhya
    • Kikuyu
    • Maasai
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    Which of the following is not a national park in Kenya?

    • Serengeti National park
    • Arberdare National park
    • Hells gate national park
    • Amboseli national park
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    Which of these animals is not found in Kenya?

    • Lion
    • Elephant
    • White Rhino
    • Spiny ant eater


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