How much do you know about the Earth as a planet

The Earth is our beloved home of which we know so little.

It mysteriously hides its secrets from us forcing us to develop better scientific methods of uncloaking the mysteries and instigate ways how to use them.

But, let’s see how much do you know about the Earth as a planet!

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    100 million pieces of space junk orbits the Earth

    • Yes, there is the whole junk yard up there
    • No, space junk falls and burns into the Earth atmosphere
    • There is no junk orbiting Earth
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    Earth’s inner core equals temperature of Sun

    • Yes, Earth and Sun are same temperature
    • No, this is not possible, we would end up fried
    • No, Earth has no inner core, it is a myth
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    Earth is the densest planet in the Solar System

    • Yes, the Earth is kind of thick…
    • No, Earth is the last in density between inner planets
    • Of course, because it is a center of our system!!
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    The greenhouse effect keeps the Earth warm enough for humans

    • Yes, without it the temperature would fall down to 0 F
    • No, the greenhouse effect is entirely bad
    • There is no greenhouse effect that can effect the Earth!
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    Earth’s orbit is slowing down!

    • Yes, we are close of stopping because of the Solar flares
    • No, this is not true. You watch too many movies.
    • Yes, Earth is slowing down on micro level an each 100 years
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    North Pole is just sea ice, there is nothing solid there

    • No, there is, but gov hides it because of the military projects
    • It is an entrance to another dimenssion
    • It is an area of frozen sea water with no land
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    Yellowstone National Park is a huge volcano

    • Yes, it is called caldera and can be a detriment to a human civilization
    • No, it is a solid plane and has nothing with a volcano
    • No, it used to be a lake of acid.
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    Lake Baikal in Russia is the oldest and deepest lake on Earth holding 80% of its unfrozen freshwater

    • No, the water is frozen all year round, it’s Russia!
    • No, the largest lake system is in North America
    • No, the water basin holds 20% of unfrozen freshwater


What do you think?


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