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How Much Do You Know About Dachshunds?

Dachshunds have always been my favorite breed of dog. I always had dachshunds when I was growing up. It’s no wonder I love the breed.  In the 90’s Dachshunds seemed to have lost their popularity.  But, in the last 2000’s the dachshund once again became one of the most popular breeds of dog according to the kennel clubs. How much do you know about the dachshund?

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    What is the life span of a standard size dachshund?

    • 8-11 years
    • 10-12 years
    • 12-15 years
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    What are the different sizes of a dachshund?

    • tint, big, and just right
    • standard, mini, large
    • large, medium, and smalll
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    How much does the average dachshund weigh?

    • 10-20 pounds
    • 16-32 pounds
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    How many time a day should you feed an adult dachshund?

    • 1-2 times a day
    • None
    • whenever you eat you should feed your dachshsund
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    How many hours a day does the average dachshund sleep?

    • 10-16
    • 6-8 hours
    • 8-12
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    What is the life span of a mini dacshund?

    • 5-7 years
    • 12- 15 years
    • 7-11 years
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    How much does the average mini dachshund weigh?

    • 15 pounds
    • 10 pounds
    • 11 pounds
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    All dachshund love to play with toys?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Dachshunds like to go out in the rain?

    • yes
    • No
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    Basset hounds and dachshunds don’t mix?

    • true
    • false


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