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Moon Quiz: How much do you know about our natural satellite (Moon)?

As we know Moon is the natural satellite of our planet Earth. Tides that we get on Earth are the result of gravitational pull of the Moon. So lets see how much do you know about our very own satellite. I hope you will have fun playing my quiz and will also gain some knowledge.

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    Who was the first person to step on Moon?

    • Buzz Aldrin
    • Neil Armstrong
    • Charles P. (Pete) Conrad
  • Question of

    How many days does moon take to orbit Earth?

    • 27
    • 25
    • 30
  • Question of

    What is the distance between the Moon and Earth?

    • 484,400 km
    • 324,400 km
    • 384,400 km
  • Question of

    The moon does not have its own light source.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    What causes a Lunar eclipse?

    • The Sun blocks out the Moon?
    • Earth block the Sunlight
    • The moon blocks Sunlight
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    The Moon is moving from the Earth in which way?

    • 1.6 Inches away from Earth/Year
    • 1.6 Inches closer to Earth/Year
    • It is stable
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    What is the Moon made up of?

    • Cheese
    • Iron, Rock , Magnesium Etc.
    • Aluminum, Titanium, Etc.
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    What is the radius of Moon?

    • 1,737 km
    • 1,373 km
    • 17,373 km


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