Mixed Facts Quiz (Part 5)

Welcome to Quiz No. 5 in my General Knowledge Quiz Series. Do have a great time checking it out. Afterwards, please leave your comments, and score, in the section below.  Thanks. Good luck!

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    What is the taste of a Butternut?

    • Spicy
    • Sweet
    • Bitter
    • Salty
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    What is the capital of New Zealand?

    • Christchurch
    • Wellington
    • Brisbane
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    What is the name of an eight-sided polygon?

    • Nonagon
    • Heptagon
    • Octagon
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    Which 20th century celebrity actress is famously remembered for saying this: ‘I always say, keep a diary; and some day, the diary will keep you.’

    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Greta Garbo
    • Mae West
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    Which one of the following Chinese dynasties is the most recent Chinese dynasty?

    • Han dynasty
    • Ming dynasty
    • Qing dynasty
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    Which of the following diseases, is a common disease of the ear which causes dizziness and vomiting?

    • Meniere’s disease
    • Cirrhosis
    • Crohn’s disease
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    Which of the following meals is a white stew with milk (or cream) added with finely chopped parsley?

    • Au gratin
    • Fricassee
    • Roux
    • Souffle
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    Which famous 20th century novelist wrote the following popular novels: ‘Decline and Fall’; ‘Vile Bodies’; ‘Put out More Flags’; and ‘Bridehead Revisited’.

    • Evelyn Waugh
    • Virginia Woolf
    • F Scott Fitzgerald
    • John Steinbeck
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    Which one of the following periods is the oldest in UK’s history?

    • Georgian period
    • Regency period
    • Tudor period
    • Victorian period
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    In what year, did the First Crusade wars begin between Christians and Muslims?

    • 996 AD
    • 1096 AD
    • 1196 AD
    • 1296 AD


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Written by Daniel Obiago

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