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The Middle Ages: A Quiz

The Frankish king Charlemagne was a devout Catholic who maintained a close relationship with the papacy throughout his life. In 772, when Pope Adrian I was threatened by invaders, the king rushed to Rome to provide assistance. Shown here, the pope asks Charlemagne for help at a meeting near Rome.

Opinions vary over what comprised the Middle Ages, but the period of European history between the Classical and Modern eras would seem to be a reasonable definition, although debates can then ensue over is meant by modern! No matter – here is a quiz to test your knowledge of this period, whatever it was!

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    What name is given to the period of artistic and intellectual renewal that began in the 14th century and gave rise to the modern era in Europe?

    • Reformation
    • Enlightenment
    • Renaissance
    • Counter-Reformation
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    What is the Book of Kells?

    • An Irish illuminated manuscript
    • A document signed by King John of England
    • A treaty between England and France
    • An early edition of the Works of William Shakespeare
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    Who was crowned Emperor in Rome in 800?

    • Clovis
    • Constantine the Great
    • Charlemagne
    • Charles the Bold
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    In the feudal system, what was a fief?

    • Homage paid to a lord of the manor
    • Land or rights given by a lord in return for homage
    • A musical instrument used on ceremonial occasions
    • A celebration held when a lord acquired a manor
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    Why did the population of England fall by nearly 30% in the late 1340s?

    • Mass emigration
    • War with France
    • A law that enforced a ‘one child’ policy
    • The Black Death
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    Who was killed in Canterbury Cathedral in December 1170?

    • King Henry II
    • Simon de Montfort
    • Archbishop Thomas Becket
    • The Duke of Clarence
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    What name is used for plays on biblical themes presented on movable stages in medieval cities?

    • Mystery plays
    • Gospel plays
    • Church plays
    • Priestly plays
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    When Eleanor married King Henry II in 1152, which region of France became an English possession?

    • Brittany
    • Provence
    • Lorraine
    • Aquitaine
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    What name is given to the series of conflicts between England and France that took place in the 14th/15th centuries?

    • The 30 Years War
    • The 50 Years War
    • The 100 Years War
    • The 150 Years War
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    Who was Richard I’s famous opponent during the Third Crusade?

    • The Mad Mahdi
    • Saladin
    • Genghis Khan
    • Tamburlaine


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