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Mars Quiz

How much do you know about the Red Planet?

Named after the Roman God of Wars, Mars is an interesting little planet.

Test your knowledge of the Red Planet with this easy and fun quiz.


  • Question of

    Mars is the…

    • second planet from the sun
    • fourth planet from the sun
  • Question of

    What is Mars’ diameter?

    • 4220 miles
    • 7920 miles
  • Question of

    Mars is between

    • Earth and Jupiter
    • Mercury and Venus
  • Question of

    Does Mars have an atmosphere?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    How many moons does Mars have?

    • 1
    • 2
  • Question of

    How long is the Martian year?

    • 687 days
    • 466 days
  • Question of

    How long is the Martian day?

    • 26 hours 11 minutes
    • 24 hours 37 minutes
  • Question of

    How far is Mars from the sun?

    • 142 million miles
    • 93 million miles


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