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How Many Of These Trivia Questions Can You Guess? PART 9

Hello Virilyans, it’s good to be back on my quiz series that’s all about anything under the sun.

I have here the ninth sets of trivia questions that will surely make you learn something new today.

Make sure you get 6/10 or above to pass the quiz.

Are you ready?

Good luck!

  • Question of

    What two superheroes share same first name of their moms?

    • Wonderwoman and Catwoman
    • The Flash and Aquaman
    • Batman and Superman
    • Wolverine and Deadpool
  • Question of

    Which of the following is a synonym of the word discombobulate?

    • to confuse
    • to surrender
    • to surprise
    • to sleep
  • Question of

    In Greek mythology, what was only left on Pandora’s box?

    • justice
    • peace
    • hope
    • mercy
  • Question of

    Who coined the famous quote : “Veni. Vidi.Vici.” that means “I came. I saw. I conquered.”?

    • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Alexander the Great
    • Julius Caesar
    • Genghis Khan
  • Question of

    Which of the following birds fly backwards?

    • bobolink
    • sparrow
    • canary
    • hummingbird
  • Question of

    The word “madam”, “eve”, “racecar” are words which read the same backward as forward. What are they called?

    • palindromes
    • epizeuxis
    • onomatopeoia
    • anagrams
  • Question of

    How can you determine the age of a tree?

    • number of branches grown
    • number of growth rings
    • number of leaves it fell
    • number of fruits it ripen
  • Question of

    Remy Lebeau is the other name for an X-Men mutant named?

    • Gambit
    • Iceman
    • Colossus
    • Beast
  • Question of

    What is the meaning of a distress signal SOS?

    • Safe Out Sound
    • Save Our Spirits
    • Save Our Souls
    • See Our Stones
  • Question of

    What sports are you in if you’re using an object that has 336 dimples?

    • bowling
    • chess
    • figure skating
    • golf


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Written by Trafalgar Law

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