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How Many Of These Trivia Questions Can You Guess? PART 3

A third set of general knowledge questions has come to exercise your slumbering brain cells. It’s time to work-out the smallest hypothetical units of your memory. These trivia questions are great test for your knowledge and I bet most of you will find them tricky.

Are you ready? Check them out and do not hesitate to share your results. Because guessing them 10 out of 10 is definitely something to brag about!

  • Question of

    Gluteus maximus is the largest muscle found in what part of the human body?

    • stomach
    • butt
    • arms
    • neck
      woman with pain
  • Question of

    According to a trivial song “Facts of Life” by Bahz Luhrmann, what is the most stolen book in public libraries?

    • Guinness World Records
    • Bible
    • IKEA Catalogue
    • Merriam – Webster English Dictionary
  • Question of

    Adolf “Adi” Dassler was the founder of the German sportswear called Adidas. He is the also the younger brother of Rudolf Dassler who was also the founder of what famous sportswear brand?

    • Fila
    • Puma
    • Reebok
    • Nike
  • Question of

    Based on worldwide gross, what is the top grossing film of 2016?

    • Rogue One
    • Finding Dory
    • Captain America: Civil War
    • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Question of

    Bosnia and Herzegovina is nicknamed as the Heart- Shaped Land due to the country’s slight heart shape. It is a small European country where its capital is located in what city?

    • Sarajevo
    • Yamoussoukro
    • Thimphu
    • Ouagadougou
  • Question of

    What famous female figure who has a real name of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu?

    • Agatha Christie
    • Margaret Thatcher
    • Madonna
    • Mother Teresa
  • Question of

    Bucephalus is the name of horse of what famous historical figure?

    • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Genghis Khan
    • Alexander the Great
    • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Question of

    What country banned Donald Duck because he doesn’t wear pants?

    • Finland
    • Italy
    • France
    • Spain
  • Question of

    Jonathan Abrams was the founder of what famous social media site?

    • MySpace
    • Friendster
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
  • Question of

    What is the other term for cave explorer?

    • gongoozler
    • numismatist
    • funambulist
    • spelunker


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Written by Trafalgar Law


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