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Makeup Quiz: Do You Know These Makeup Facts?

For years and years and years, makeup has been developed, improved, and used more and more every day, making it a very popular industry. However, no matter how much we use or don’t use makeup in our everyday lives, there are some interesting facts that we may not know about makeup. Take the quiz and find out just how much you truly know about makeup!

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    Nightingale feces are used in geisha facials.

    • Yes
    • No, another type of feces
    • There are no feces in geisha facials
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    The most common injury caused by makeup is:

    • Scratching the eye with a mascara wand
    • Getting powder in your nose
    • Eating lipstick
    • Leaving the makeup on your face over night
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    Who set the trend for tanning when she accidentally tanned while on a cruise?

    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Coco Chanel
    • Marylyn Monroe
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    White skin was the trend in medieval times.

    • Yes
    • No, dark skin
    • There was no trend
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    Cleopatra was known for soaking her ship’s sails in perfume so people can smell her coming, believing that the smell could reach Rome.

    • True
    • False, it was a Greek person
    • False, no one did that
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    What brings an instant glow to your face?

    • Drinking lots of milk
    • Drinking lots of juice
    • Drinking lots of water
    • Drinking lots of alcohol
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    Ground snake skins are often added to lipstick and eye shadow to add a shimmer.

    • Yes
    • No, ground fish scales
    • No, ground turtle shells
    • No, some other ingredient
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    Keeping makeup out of sunlight prevents the sun from destroying the preservatives in the makeup.

    • True
    • False
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    The beauty industry generations about how much money worldwide?

    • $170 zillion
    • $170 trillion
    • $170 billion
    • $170 million
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    In olden days, people used to wear makeup to…?

    • Frighten enemies
    • Show a social rank
    • Make magic
    • All of the above
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    Crushed beetles have been used in nail polishes and some lipsticks.

    • Yes
    • Neither
    • On the nail polishes
    • On the lipsticks
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    Expensive perfume contains whale poop.

    • True
    • False, bird poop
    • False, crocodile poop
    • Expensive perfume doesn’t contain any poop
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    Some moisturizers contain snail ooze, and several hair products contain bull semen.

    • Yes
    • No, it’s the other way around
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    Apply olive oil on your eyelids every night before bed if you want to grow long, healthy hair.

    • Yes
    • No, long healthy eyelashes
    • No, long healthy nails
    • No, long healthy eyebrows
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    Which brand is the largest cosmetics corporation in the world?

    • Olay
    • Dove
    • L’Oreal
    • None of the above
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    Though the Greeks are given the credit for the word “cosmetics,” ancient Egyptians were the first to create makeup out of copper and lead ore, and use them when the women would apply dark colors under their eyelids and blackened their eyelashes. They were also the ones that invented perfume for cosmetic and medical use.

    • Yes!
    • No, the Egyptians were known for the name of “cosmetics” and the Greeks created and used the makeup.
    • No, while the Greeks came up with the word “cosmetics,” they also invented perfume.
    • No, the Greeks invented the word “cosmetics” and make and used the makeup, but the Egyptians just invented the perfume.
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    Women used to be “bled” with leeches to keep their skin pale.

    • Yes
    • No, with cactuses
    • No, with bird beaks
    • No, with claws
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    The FDA does not approve cosmetics, although they do approve color additives used in the cosmetics, so therefore it is the job of the manufactures to ensure their products are safe to use before marketing them.

    • Yes
    • No


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