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Let’s learn portuguese quiz!

I recently read that portuguese can be one of the hardest language to learn. We have many words to define the same thing and our grammar is quite irregular, even though I think chinese or russian would be the most difficult ones for me.

I don’t know if any of you speak portuguese so I decided to see how much of my mother language do you know. All I will ask is the meaning of some portuguese words. Good luck

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    In portuguese Pão can also be broa, in english is

    • Bus
    • Bread
    • Pool
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    This one is easy, Natal in english is

    • Butter
    • Horse
    • Christmas
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    This one is an animal, Gato in english is

    • Grasshopper
    • Cat
    • Snail
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    We all want to have this, Alegria is

    • Health
    • Happiness
    • Victory
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    Casamento is a long word that in english is

    • Wedding
    • Mistletoe
    • Clock
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    Some have a lot while others just a few, Amigo is

    • Food
    • Friend
    • Money
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    I think this one is quite easy, Fim in english is

    • End
    • Fig
    • Bell
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    We all have this, Vida in english is

    • Love
    • Live
    • Life
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    Sonho can mean two different things in portuguese, but only one in english, that is

    • Fantasy
    • Beauty
    • Dream
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    Coisa is probably the hardest one, in english is

    • Cow
    • Thing
    • Biscuit


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