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Let's Get Back On the Road Again

Here are some well-known car and driving songs. So let’s get on the road and I hope you enjoy this quiz.

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    Madness just wanted to get behind the wheel

    • Driving My Car
    • Driving Back Roads
    • Driving
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    Willie Nelson had a big hit with this song

    • Highway Song
    • On the Road Again
    • Let’s Drive
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    Bruce Springsteen enjoyed driving a car of a different color

    • Shade of Pink
    • Pink Car
    • Pink Cadillac
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    Janis Joplin was hoping the Lord would buy her this car

    • Sports Roadster
    • Mercedez Benz
    • Rambler
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    Queen really enjoyed their cars

    • I’m In Love With My Car
    • Love My Car
    • Love Driving
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    Billy Ocean really was hoping to have some fun in this song Get Outta My Dream __________

    • Sit In My Car
    • Get Into My Car
    • Come Driving
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    Chuck Berry liked to just drive around

    • Drive Down the Road
    • Driving Around
    • No Particular Place to Go
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    Ronnie and the Daytonas sang this cute song

    • Little GTO
    • Go Car Go
    • My Car
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    The Beatles offered everyone their car

    • Take My Car
    • Drive My Car
    • Enjoy My Car
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    Meat Loaf was really dreaming about love in a car Paradise By the _________

    • Dashboard Light
    • The Backseat
    • The Car Light
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    Rascal Flatts sang about this kind of car

    • Sportscar Red
    • Red Camaro
    • Red Car
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    And Johnny Cash had driven just about everywhere

    • Driving All Around
    • I’ve Been Everywhere
    • All Around


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