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Learning Urdu #one

Hi Virily friends. I started a series of quizzes to tell about Urdu language. Anyone who interested in this language will get help from these quizzes. Getting knowledge is necessary for all, no age limit is required for learning. Specially languages of different countries and areas is very necessary. When you go to the area where you not understand the language then you face so much difficulties. So learning of languages are so important. Urdu is a language of South Asia . Majority of people of this area are speaking Urdu and understanding. Here I tell you some important words of Urdu  for learning. Hoping you will like and get help

  • Question of

    The word “Face” in Urdu?

    • Chehra
    • Shakal
    • Ball
  • Question of

    The “Eyes” in Urdu?

    • Pair
    • Aankhen
    • Demagh
  • Question of

    The “Nose” in Urdu ?

    • Galla
    • Naak
  • Question of

    The ” Head” in Urdu?

    • Sar
    • Garden
  • Question of

    The ” hands” in Urdu?

    • Ungli
    • Hath
    • Peer
  • Question of

    The ” Arms” in Urdu?

    • Kahni
    • Bazoo
    • Hatheli
  • Question of

    The “Legs” in Urdu?

    • Tangeen
    • Laten
  • Question of

    The ” Ear” in Urdu?

    • Peeth
    • Kaan
  • Question of

    The ” Chest” in Urdu?

    • Seena
    • Kgutny
    • Takhny
  • Question of

    The ” finger” in Urdu?

    • Hathele
    • Ungli


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  1. Well, some of them I guessed, some of them I googled so I got a rocking 10 out of 10. There is one word though that sounds the same as in the French language and that is Ungli. Although in French « l’ongle » is the nail but it is attached to a finger or a toe. I wonder where Urdu came from if you can enlighten me. I know that it is a common language in Asia but how come that word (ungli) is almost French in its meaning and spelling. Now I will eventually check out all your other lessons but gradually. Learning a language takes a lot of energy and finger clicking (ha ha).

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