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Learning About the U.S. State of New York

Back in the 1660s when the English took over the colony was named New York after the Duke of York. It became known as the Empire State. The state includes everything from skyscrapers in Manhattan to rivers, mountains, and lakes in upstate New York. Diversity and contrast, that’s New York. The thunderous and spectacular Niagara Falls, the rugged mountains of the Adirondacks, the enchanting Catskills, all the lakes great and small, the Hudson River, and Fire Island — the variety and range of natural amenities is awesome!  Today, New York has the third largest population (after California and Texas), and remains the financial center of the country. The state flower is the rose, and the capital is Albany.

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    What is the nickname of New York?

    • The Skyscraper State
    • The Empire State
    • The Big Apple
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    What is the capital?

    • Albany
    • Buffalo
    • Rochester
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    What are two of the mountain ranges in New York?

    • The Appalachians and Rocky Mountains
    • The Blue Mountains and the Nevadas
    • The Adirondacks and The Catskills
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    Is Niagara Falls on the border of New York and Canada?

    • Yes
    • No
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    What is the state flower?

    • The daffodile
    • The rose
    • The daisy
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    What is the state bird?

    • Eastern bluebird
    • Red robin
    • Whippoorwill
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    What is the state song?

    • I Love New York
    • Welcome To New York
    • My Home New York
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    What is the state tree?

    • White oak
    • Willow
    • Sugar maple
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    What is the state animal?

    • Mustang
    • Zebra
    • Beaver


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