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Learning About the U.S. State of Mississippi

A state with a difficult spelling Mississippi was the 20th state to join the Union. It is a state in the Deep South and its name comes from an Indian word that means “great waters”. Keep in mind that most likely the Indians were referring to the mighty Mississippi River. The state is the world’s largest producer of pond-raised catfish. The state is bordered by Tennessee to the north and to the south by the Gulf of Mexico. To the east is Alabama and to the west Arkansas and Louisiana.

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    Is the state name an Indian word meaning “great waters”?

    • Yes
    • No
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    What is it the largest producer of?

    • Timber
    • Pond-raised catfish
    • Cattle
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    What is its capital?

    • Biloxi
    • Natchez
    • Jackson
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    What is the state nickname?

    • The Magnolia State
    • Great Water State
    • Deep South State
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    What is the state song?

    • On to Mississippi
    • Go, Mississippi
    • No
    • My Mississippi
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    What is the state flower?

    • Apple blossom
    • Magnolia blossom
    • Cherry blossom
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    What is the state bird?

    • Woodpecker
    • Thrush
    • Northern mockingbird
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    What is the state tree?

    • Oak tree
    • Magnolia tree
    • Apple tree
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    What is the state animal?

    • Beaver
    • White-tailed deer
    • Woodchuck
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    What is the state fish?

    • Pickerel
    • Large-mouthed bass
    • Trout


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