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Learning About the U.S. State of Maryland

The state of Maryland is in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard. It is thought to have been named after the wife of King Charles I, Queen Henrietta Maria. The English term for Maria is Mary. It was in this state that the Mason and Dixon Line was drawn in the 1760s to help settle an argument between the Penn and Calvert families. This became the traditional boundary between the North and the South. Maryland’s nickname is the Old Line State. It is the proud state to be home to the U.S. Naval Academy. The Chesapeake Bay divides the state into two parts and is home to fish and wildlife. There is plenty of harvesting of crabs, oysters, and clams. The capital is Annapolis. The state is well-known for its Maryland style crab cakes.

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    For whom was the state named?

    • Queen Henrietta Maria
    • Queen Victoria
    • Mary Queen of Scots
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    Does the Mason and Dixon Line divide the U.S. states into the North and South?

    • Yes
    • No
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    What is its nickname?

    • The Seafood State
    • The Happy State
    • The First Line State
    • The Old Line State
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    What is its capital?

    • Annapolis
    • Baltimore
    • Dover
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    What is the state home to?

    • The Marine Academy
    • The U.S. Naval Academy
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    What divides MD into two parts?

    • The Chesapeake Bay
    • The Maryland River
    • The Mississippi
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    What do they harvest?

    • Seaweed
    • Crabs, oysters, and clams
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    What kind of food is Maryland known for?

    • Maryland-style crabcakes
    • Spaghetti with clam sauce
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    What is the state song?

    • By the Maryland River
    • Maryland, My Maryland
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    What is the state flower?

    • Black-eyed Susan
    • The Daisy
    • Forget-Me-Not
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    What is the state bird?

    • Chickadee
    • Baltimore Oriole
    • Red Robin
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    What is the state animal?

    • The Chesapeake Retriever
    • Poodle
    • American Bulldog
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    What is the state tree?

    • Chestnut
    • White oak
    • Willow


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