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Learning About the U.S. State of Kentucky

Kentucky is known as Bluegrass country and the state of beautiful racehorses. It is the place where every year the popular horserace The  Kentucky Derby is run in Louisville. The name of the state comes from an Iroquois Indian word “Ken-tah-ten” which means “land of tomorrow”. It is interesting that the Indians thought this of Kentucky. It is the 15th state to join the Union and the first to become a state west of the Appalachian Mountains.

  • What is Kentucky’s nickname?

    • The State of Horses
    • The Bluegrass State
    • Tomorrow State
  • Does the name Kentucky mean “land of tomorrow”?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What is the state famous for?

    • Farmland
    • Coal Mines
    • The Kentucky Derby
  • Was it the first state west of the Appalachian Mountains?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What is its capital?

    • Frankfort
    • Louisville
    • Lexington
  • What is the state song?

    • Oh, Kentucky
    • My Old Kentucky Home
    • Come to Kentucky
  • What is the state flower?

    • Goldenrod
    • Carnation
    • Yellow tulip
  • What is the state bird?

    • Red robin
    • Thrush
    • Northern Cardinal
  • What is the state tree?

    • Tulip poplar
    • Birch
    • Oak
  • What is the state animal?

    • Black bear
    • Eastern gray squirrel
    • Beaver

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