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Learning About the U.S. State of Indiana

Welcome to the “land of Indians” which refers to the meaning of the state name Indiana. It is the 19th state to join the Union. It is home to the nation’s most popular and well-known auto race, the Indianapolis 500. The residents of this state have the nickname of “Hoosiers”. This state is the site of many different cross-country roads.

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    What does Indiana mean?

    • :Land of Indians
    • Hoosier Land
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    Why is it famous for?

    • Having many crossroads
    • The Indianapolis 500
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    What are the people of Indiana called?

    • Hoosiers
    • Farmfolk
    • Indiana people
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    What pie is the state known for?

    • Apple pie
    • Sugar cream pie
    • Peach pie
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    What is the state’s capital?

    • Fort Wayne
    • Indianapolis
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    What is the state song?

    • On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away
    • My Indiana
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    What is the state’s nickname?

    • The Hoosier State
    • State of Indians
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    What is the state flower?

    • Cherokee rose
    • Marigold
    • Peony
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    What is the state bird?

    • Cardinal
    • Woodland thrush
    • Red robin
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    What is the state tree?

    • Great oak
    • Chestnut
    • Tulip poplar
    • Tulip poplar


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  1. well I am perfect so far in states I’ve lived! Got them all in Maryland (where I am now) and indiana (where we moved from)!

    An interesting fact about Indiana. The original capital of the state of Corydon. The state constitution was actually signed in Corydon. The tree that document was signed under is called the constitution tree.


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