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Learning About the U.S. State of Florida

The state of Florida is known for its balmy, sunny weather, and beautiful beaches. The first European to explore Florida was Ponce de Leon, who was looking for the Fountain of Youth. The oldest permanent European settlement in the continental U.S. is St. Augustine. The city of Orlando is home to Walt Disney World.

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    What is Floridaโ€™s nickname?

    • Citrus Fruit State
    • The Sunshine State
    • Beach State
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    Is St. Augustine the oldest permanent European settlement?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Was Ponce de Leon that first European explorer in Florida?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Which city is home to Walt Disney World?

    • Sarasota
    • Miami
    • Orlando
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    What is its capital?

    • Tallahassee
    • Pensacola
    • Sarasota
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    What is the state song?

    • Let the Sunshine In
    • The Old Folks At Home
    • Beach Baby
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    What is the state flower?

    • Lily
    • Orange blossom
    • Magnolia
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    What is the state bird?

    • Mockingbird
    • Woodland thrush
    • Carrier pigeon
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    What is the state tree?

    • Lone pine
    • Sabal palmetto
    • Coconut palm
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    What is the state animal?

    • Mountain beaver
    • Florida panther
    • Woodchuck
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    What is the state marine animal?

    • Manatee
    • Dolphin
    • Whale


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  1. 8 out of 11, I didn’t get the tree right, whoops. ๐Ÿ˜…
    Florida looks like a fabulous state, and it’s popular for the odd crimes that take place: Florida comes with so many funny headlines there’s a meme about it.

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