Know about Technology? Quiz 2

Everything is changed during several past years. The main thing beside all the changes in the world is Technology. It has made our lives easy and still doing it by inventing new things. How much you know about technology? If you know much then try your intelligence here by giving this quiz, if you don’t then take the quiz to gain some new knowledge about Technology.

  • In which country is Ericsson’s headquarters located?

    • China
    • Filand
    • Sweden
  • What is the fastest memory in a computer?

    • Hard disk
    • Cache
    • RAM
  • What software company developed Photoshop?

    • Microsoft
    • Apple
    • Adobe
  • What does AL stands for?

    • Active Interface
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Advanced icon
  • Where is the Ferrari factory located?

    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Germany
  • Which country is represented by the internet domain abbreviation “cn”?

    • China
    • Canada
    • Congo
  • What does “C” in CPU stands for ?

    • Central
    • Control
    • Chat
  • What does the “D” stands for in the acronym DOS(operating system)?

    • Daily
    • Disk
    • Dad
  • What was the first company to produce a handheld mobile telephone?

    • Sony Ericsson
    • Motorola
    • Samsung
  • Who was the first historian?

    • Herodotus
    • Socrates
    • Aristotle

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