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What do you know about Jimi Hendrix; the Greatest Rock Star Guitarist ever?

On May 12, 1967, Jimi Hendrix and his two-man band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, released his album, Are You Experienced, in London; and since then, he has changed the world of music forever.

During Jimi Hendrix’s lifetime and posthumously; he received in various years – many prestigious awards including several Grammys; many different rock music awards; several places/parks/stamps have been named after him; and he has been given the freedom and keys to so many cities around the world.

Also millions of readers of many music magazines have voted Hendrix to recieve so many different awards such as: – the Pop Musician of the Year – or the Number One greatest guitarists of all time, or – high up/top on their list of the greatest artists, or musicians of all time. In his songs; Hendrix paired moods and matched emotions with different personas; colours; stories; cultures and musical styles.

His innovative guitar-driven music tapped into a new, creative fashion showcasing an experimental stereo panning effect that enveloped the listeners. Jimi Hendrix still today represents pure experimental genius, melodic flair, conceptual vision and instrumental brilliance.

Do complete the quiz below and find out more about Jimi Hendrix and his still timeless music!

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  • Question of

    James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix who is famously known as, Jimi Hendrix; was born on November 27, 1942. What was his real name, on his birth certificate?

    • Jerry Marvin Hendrix
    • James Buster Hendrix
    • Johnny Allen Hendrix
  • Question of

    Which one of the following musicians was not a member of Hendrix’s band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience?

    • Billy Cox
    • Noel Redding
    • Mitch Mitchell
  • Question of

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience album, ‘Are You Experienced’, released in 1967, achieved a double-platinum status; spent 33 weeks in the charts and got to Number Two. Which album prevented it from reaching Number One and occupying the top spot?

    • ‘Led Zeppelin I’ – album by Led Zeppelin
    • ‘California Dreaming’ – album by Mamas & Papas
    • ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ – album by The Beatles
  • Question of

    Hendrix’s highest-selling single was his masterclass stunning cover of a Bob Dylan’s song. What was the name of this song/track?

    • Wild Thing
    • All Along the Watchtower
    • Hey Joe
  • Question of

    Jimi Hendrix & the Experience released three albums, before the band broke up. Which of the following albums was not one of these three albums?

    • Axis: Bold as Love
    • Cry of Love
    • Electric Ladyland
  • Question of

    After Hendrix gave his first solo performance in London at The Scotch of St James, on September 24 1967; he, later on that night, began a relationship with which woman that lasted for two and a half years?

    • Rosa Lee Brooks
    • Monika Dannemann
    • Kathy Etchingham
  • Question of

    In 1989, which rock star described the first time he saw Hendrix playing on stage as follows: “Hendrix played just about every style you could think of, and not in a flashy way. I mean he did a few of his tricks, like playing with his teeth and behind his back, but it wasn’t in an upstaging sense at all ……. (Then) he walked off (stage), and my life was never the same again”.

    • John Lennon
    • Eric Clapton
    • Jimmy Page
  • Question of

    Where was Jimi Hendrix born?

    • Atlanta, Georgia, US
    • London, England, UK
    • Seattle, Washington, US
  • Question of

    Jimi Hendrix had a deep interest in many subjects; but which of the following groups of subjects was he not really interested in?

    • Business, marketing and finance
    • Spirituality, nature and outer space
    • Science fiction artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Question of

    After Jimi Hendrix theatrically burnt his guitar at the end of a stunning concert performance; it brought him global attention/admiration. What was his famous reply when he was later on asked; ‘why did he burn his guitar’?

    • ‘…. I couldnt help myself. That was a salute to rock and roll.’
    • ‘….You sacrifice things you love. I love my guitar.’
    • ‘…. You celebrate when you feel jubilant and alive. I was celebrating life.’
  • Question of

    What is the title of the song performed by Hendrix at the Woodstock Festival that the magazine Guitar World in 2011 rated as Number One in their list of Hendrix’s 100 greatest performances.

    • The Star-Spangled Banner
    • Voodoo Chile
    • Hey Joe
  • Question of

    Hendrix used all of the following techniques/effects in playing his music. But which one of them was he the first artist ever, to use it in music recordings?

    • Stereophonic phasing effects
    • The wah-wah pedal effects
    • Guitar amplifier feedback and distortion effects
  • Question of

    In 1961, when Hendrix was an 18 year old teenager, the cops caught him twice joy-riding stolen cars; and so he was given a choice between going to prison, or joining the military. He chose to join the military. What arm of the military was this?

    • The Navy
    • The Airforce
    • The Army
  • Question of

    By 1969, which one of the following artists was the world’s highest-paid rock musician?

    • Mick Jagger
    • John Lennon
    • Jimi Hendrix
  • Question of

    In 1946, Jimi Hendrix’s parents in a mark of honour to his dad and his late brother changed Hendrix’s name from Johnny Allen to which of the following names?

    • James Marshall Hendrix
    • Jimmy Mark Hendrix
    • Joe Marcus Hendrix
  • Question of

    At what age did Jimi Hendrix begin to learn how to play the guitar?

    • 13 years old
    • 15 years old
    • 18 years old
  • Question of

    Hendrix’s mother’s was born in 1925, what was her name?

    • Laura Jetson
    • Louise Jerry
    • Lucille Jeter
  • Question of

    Jimi Hendrix’s father popularly known as ‘Al’ was born on June 10, 1919, what was his full name?

    • James Allen Ross Hendrix – aka Al
    • Jack Alfred Ricky Hendrix – aka Al
    • Jimmy Albert Richard Hendrix – aka Al
  • Question of

    Jimi Hendrix, the legendary rock star, died in London in mysterious, shady circumstances, attributed to ‘his choking on his vomit’ but the coroner reached an open verdict due to ‘an inability to specify the exact cause of death’? Which date did Hendrix die?

    • September 23, 1969
    • September 18, 1970
    • September 25, 1971


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