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What do you know about human body?

Hi guys, I’m studying a bit of anatomy to improve my drawing skill and have more knowledge about human body. I’m using my old gym book from high school, it talks about how muscles can move and also about gesture.

The firsts chapter were about human organs system, so I decided to create this trivia quiz. Will you be able to answer all the questions?

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    The main function of skeletal system is?

    • protect internal organs
    • Support the body
    • connect bones to each others
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    What do you do in case of a distortion?

    • massage the body part
    • take some anesthetic
    • block the art and put ice on it
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    Blood’s function is?

    • transportation of nutrients
    • filter
    • disintossication
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    What is the main muscle for respiration?

    • pectoralis major muscle
    • diaphram
    • lungs
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    Among these, what organ belongs to the excretory system is?

    • mouth
    • pharynx
    • lungs
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    What gives pigment to hair and skin?

    • Sun exposition
    • melanin
    • keratin
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    DNA stands for?

    • Dynamic Nature and Attributes
    • Deus Nucleic Amid
    • DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
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    What is the human body’s largest organ?

    • skin
    • muscles
    • veins


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