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Do You Know Everything About Youtube?

Think you’ve got YouTube all figured out?

Find out how much you really know. Maybe you’ll be next PewDiePie!

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    Which of these is a good way to deal with internet trolls?

    • Hunt them down, tie them up, & stuff them in a closet
    • Ignore, block, report…
    • Screen shot everything they say, repost it, and let them know how mad you are!
    • Voodoo dolls
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    You want to start a YouTube channel (you should do it!). How do you pick a name?

    • Combine the 3rd word of the 2nd page of the book closest to you with the next street sign you see.
    • Go with something outrageous and clickbaity (eg. Trump Nudes)
    • Misspell a famous YouTuber’s name to steal traffic (eg. “Pewdyepye”)
    • Think of words related to your genre and combine them with words that describe you.
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    Which 2 factors have the biggest impact on your video’s search ranking?

    • Subscribers & social shares
    • Watch time & session watch time
    • Exclamation marks and smiley faces
    • Likes & comments
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    Which tool can help you compare trending keywords?

    • Tarot cards
    • Google Glasses
    • AmazonGo
    • Google Trends
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    What’s a BAD way to promote your videos?

    • Set a featured video through Creator Studio > Channel > Featured Content
    • Create videos targeting the same keywords as your most popular video so they’ll show up as suggestions
    • Link to your other videos in an End Screen
    • Write a 7 page email to Youtube asking them to feature your videos everywhere
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    What’s a good way to promote yourself as a small YouTuber?

    • Go around carrying a sign asking random strangers to sub you
    • Buy views to help your channel look bigger
    • Post insightful comments under videos like yours and build a presence in your genre
    • Find popular videos and comment “Sub me and I’ll sub you back” or “sub4sub”
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    Watch time is important for ranking in search results. What’s a BAD way to increase watch time?

    • Put a 5 minute intro at the beginning of every video
    • Do a series of related videos (eg. 3 ways 4 facts)
    • Use fast motion/time lapse to speed through slower parts of your videos
    • Get to your main points in the first 15 seconds of your videos
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    You need an expensive camera to make awesome YouTube videos?

    • True
    • False
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    You’ve been doing YouTube for a while and you still haven’t grown, do you…

    • Stand out by picking a flight with a big name YouTuber
    • Give up all technology and start living in woods
    • Quit and pick up knitting
    • Keep at it! You’ll never grow if you quit.
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    What’s the best way to get someone to collab with you?

    • Make a cardboard cut-out of them and put it in your video.
    • Show up at their house and knock on their door.
    • Send a thoughtful pitch about the kind of video you could do together.
    • Beg in their comments and get mad when they don’t reply.


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