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Do You Know Any Of These Branches of Study?

During our school days, we used to study about science. And we all know that science is like a large tree, with several branches of study.

So I have here a quiz about how well you know different branches of study.

Try your luck and make sure you get a passing score of 6.

Take a note that sometimes the answer on each questions are clued on its prefixes.

Good luck and share your result.

  • What do you call the study of weather and its natural phenomenon?

    • paleontology
    • meteorology
    • astrology
    • seismology
  • What do you call the study of tissues of different organisms?

    • oncology
    • nephrology
    • histology
    • history
  • Dendrology is a study that is classified under botany. What does it study?

    • ferns
    • shrubs
    • grasses
    • trees
  • What do you call the study of crabs and all other crustaceans?

    • carcinology
    • ichthyology
    • entomology
    • ornithology
  • Limnology is the scientific study of what body of water?

    • rivers
    • oceans
    • seas
    • atolls
  • Which of the following branch of study does not belong to the group?

    • astronomy
    • theology
    • cosmology
    • selenology
  • The scientific study for reptiles is called what?

    • paleontology
    • archaeology
    • herpetology
    • reptilogy
  • What do you call the study of fingerprints?

    • dactyliology
    • dactylology
    • dactylography
    • deltiology
  • Eremology is the scientific study for what?

    • scorpions
    • camels
    • deserts
    • cacti
  • A person who studies oneirology is expert on what?

    • interpreting dreams
    • casting magic
    • fortune-telling
    • performing hypnotism

What do you think?

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