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Kings and Queens: Which Countries Are They From?

We are all familiar with Britain’s royal family – Prince Charles and Williams. We cannot forget Princess Diana whose death is not yet solved in people’s minds. Who doesn’t know Queen Elizabeth II reign stretches to sixteen countries including Australia and Canada? However, there are other countries which have royal families ranging from kings and queens to emperors. Actually, there is only one region where the emperor exercises power but not as was the case in the ancient days. The royal families or kings and queens don’t have the absolute powers like their predecessors. Well, apart from Queen Elizabeth, can you guess which country the following kings and queen reside?

  • Queen Magrethe II

    • Finland
    • Denmark
  • King Harald V

    • Netherlands
    • Norway
  • King Felipe VI

    • Spain
    • France
  • King Mohamed VI

    • Morocco
    • Cote d’ Ivore
  • King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

    • Saudi Arabia
    • Dubai
  • King Philipe

    • Belgium
    • Norway
  • Queen Elizabeth

    • Britain
    • Ireland
  • King Norodom Shamoni

    • Cambodia
    • Gabon
  • King Willem Alexander

    • Netherlands
    • Finland
  • King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarankun

    • Malaysia
    • Thailand

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