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Jiggy, jig, jig, what I saw is a Jigsaw

Are you good in solving puzzles?  This one might be interesting to you.  Find out which of the choices fits and completes the flower.

Tell me at the comment portion what prize you got.  Good luck.

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  • Question of

    Violet Flower

    • This is the right one.
    • No maybe this one.
    • Perfect fit.
  • Question of

    White Flower

    • I know what flower this is
    • It’s jasmine, isn’t it?
    • Shoot! This one is!
  • Question of

    Orange Flower

    • Minnie, minnie
    • Miney
    • Moe!
  • Question of

    Yellow Flower

    • For sure there is a bee.
    • Oh my, if my guess is correct, this is it.
    • Nahh.. this is the bee.
  • Question of

    Violet Flower

    • This one looks like fitting.
    • Nahh.. this one is but a bit small.
    • For sure this is the one
  • Question of

    White Flower

    • This one will fit
    • The white thing is the cue
    • For sure this one is
  • Question of

    Lilac Flower

    • Hmmm.. This one.
    • Aha! This is it…
    • Maybe this one
  • Question of

    Orange Flower

    • Yes
    • I think this is one is.
    • Here it is!


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