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In A Mental Hospital

Many things obviously happens in a mental hospital. There are very many fun dealings taking place there. To determine whether the madness has abated is a hard thing to do.

Outlined here are some of the mad things they do. Determine which situation and what the madman intended here. You may be asked whether they have healed or not.

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    The doctor found one madman hanging on a line in the bathroom. What will have happened?

    • He committed suicide
    • He had almost died in a swimming pool and another madman hanged him to dry
    • The madman had just opted to try to swing on the line
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    The bathtub was filled with water and given a spoon, a bowl and a bucket to drain the bathtub, what will you use to empty the bathtub if you are not mad?

    • Bucket
    • Bowl
    • None of the three
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    A madman entered a clinic and all the doctors ran away. He was carrying a paperbag of human waste in it. Why?

    • He had only carried a sample for testing
    • He came to tease the doctor and the patient
    • His insane mind directed him
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    The noisy madmen who were travelling in an aeroplane were soon silenced by one other at the request of the pilot. How did he do it?

    • He promised them a reward
    • He killed all of them with a sword
    • He opened the door and told them to jump
  • Question of

    Why did the madmen who were travelling in a plane jump out?

    • They wanted to help the pilot to push if it stalled
    • They wanted to escape
    • They never liked the pilot
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    The madman who was sent to fetch water in a sieve blocked the holes with mud and brought some water. Was he healed?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
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    Why did the two madmen who wanted to beat up the watchman, break the gate and escape abandon the idea when they found the gate open and no watchman there?

    • Somebody foiled their plan and had to do it another day
    • They feared an ambush and decided to go back
    • The gate scared them.
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    Why did the madman who joined Facebook close his account immediately?

    • He was not sure whether Facebook was for him
    • He was not sure whether he had come to another asylum.
    • He did not like facebook


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