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Improve Your Vocabulary: Letter A

The English language is full of weird and wonderful words that you may never have come across before – and quite likely never will again! Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of obscure English words, or maybe it’s just a case of hazarding a guess at what they could possibly mean. All these words begin with the letter A – if this quiz proves popular there could be other letters to follow!

  • Question of


    • A military spy
    • An insect larva
    • A secret weapon
  • Question of


    • Weakness of will
    • Part of a Greek Orthodox church
    • A form of forgetfulness
  • Question of


    • A plant with poisonous roots
    • A member of a secluded religious order
    • A follower or assistant
  • Question of


    • A type of word puzzle
    • An architect who specialises in church design
    • A type of tooth found in reptiles
  • Question of


    • A prickly shrub used in hedging
    • A brass wind instrument
    • A drinking vessel
  • Question of


    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of


    • The addition of extra metal when making horseshoes
    • A plant of the hawthown family
    • One of a pair of metal stands used in a fireplace
  • Question of


    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of


    • A vegetable that is similar to an onion
    • An error in grammar
    • A negatively charged ion
  • Question of


    • Reference to a word or phrase used earlier
    • A jar from Classical times
    • A reaction to eating certain foods
  • Question of


    • Lack of interest
    • Protective camouflage colouring
    • Relating to certain political views
  • Question of


    • Not relating to a specific place
    • A time period before life emerged on Earth
    • Containing nitrogen


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  1. Just 5 but interesting to make note of all these words. You have the same problem on your quiz that I encountered on mine two questions do not offer choice of answers but just choice of yes or no. I would like to edit my quiz but do not know how to do this but have messaged admin. I am worrited now that when I post a quiz again it will not come out right. What can we do to make sure this does not happen? Any ideas about what goes wrong after we submit?

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