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Iceland – the land of mysteries and wonders: a quiz (part 2)

This is the second part of my quiz, devoted to interesting, beautiful and lovely Iceland. With your permission I use the definitions of this great country from your comments to my previous post – Iceland – the land of mysteries and wonders: a quiz (part 1).

So let me continue with new questions related to the facts which were not included in the first part of the quiz.

P.S. So, let’s learn more about Icelandic specifics! Hope that my hints will help you! Good luck & the best Icelandic mood!

  • Question of

    __________________, capital of Iceland, was founded by the leader of the __________________Vikings.

    • Reykjavik, Norwegian
    • Copenhagen, Danish
    • Stockholm, Swedish
    • Oslo, Icelandic
  • Question of

    Most modern Icelanders have a good knowledge of __________________.

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
  • Question of

    _____________________________ plays an important role in the modern economy of Iceland.

    • nuclear power industry
    • geothermal power industry
    • wind power industry
    • solar power industry
  • Question of

    The population of the capital of Iceland is about a _____________________________ of the country’s population.

    • half
    • third
    • quarter
    • one fifth
  • Question of

    _____________________________ is Iceland’s most famous volcano.

    • Eyjafjallajökull
    • Bárðarbunga
    • Katla
    • Hekla
  • Question of

    Iceland has a ____________________________________in international rankings.

    • top position
    • fairly high position
    • middle position
    • low position
  • Question of

    ____________________________________ is one of the priority issues of concern to modern Icelanders.

    • environmental problems of the green economy
    • gardening
    • state of the fashion industry
    • safe traffic
  • Question of

    Tourists who prefer a relaxing holiday are recommended to relax in the ____________________________________.

    • Thai Spa
    • Pretty Health
    • Good Massage
    • Blue Lagoon


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