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I belong in the Kitchen, not in Nature ~ Find these 10 objects!

In this game all you have to do is find where I hid these 10 kitchen utensils. You can see all the utensils in the cover. Starting from left to right. 

Coffee Pot

Hand Mixer

Silver Whisk 

Green Rubber Spatula

Wooden Rolling Pin

Wooden Spoon

Blue Colander/Strainer

Silver Juicer


Green Tea Pot

Good luck and  have fun!

Enlarge for an easier hunt! 

  • Question of

    Can you find the blender to mix a smoothie here?

    • Yes, it’s near the sky.
    • Yes, it’s on the bank.
    • Yes, it’s in the mirror.
    • Yes, it’s by the mirror.
  • Question of

    Can you find the coffee pot in this one?

    • It’s on the top near the snowy towers.
    • It’s in the middle of the hill.
    • It’s in the trees on the bottom.
  • Question of

    Can you find the colander/strainer in this one?

    • It’s on the left.
    • It’s in the middle on the path.
    • It’s on the right.
  • Question of

    Where is the hand mixer?

    • It’s in the skyline.
    • It’s on the path.
    • It’s in the green bushes on the left.
  • Question of

    The silver juicer is the same size as the dog, but where is it?

    • In the green bush by the dog.
    • Near the water.
    • On the dog.
    • Near the blue sky on that green hill.
    • In the sky.
  • Question of

    The green Tea Pot is _________.

    • On the right.
    • In the center.
    • On the left.
  • Question of

    Is the rolling pin on the left, middle, or right hand side?

    • Left
    • Middle
    • Right
  • Question of

    Can you find the whisk?

    • On the backpacker/hiker.
    • On the path.
    • In the water.
    • On the far away hills.
  • Question of

    The green rubber spatula is ____________.

    • Sliding down the whitewater of the fall.
    • Hanging up on the hill/bluff.
    • Floating near the water’s edge.
    • Hiding in the shadows of the rocks in the foreground.
  • Question of

    Lastly, where is that wooden spoon?

    • On the top.
    • Hanging on the backpack.
    • On the ground.
    • On the dog.


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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