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How well do you know the time zones of your friends here?

I did talk about time zones in my earlier post but this is all about zones from where Virily users come.

Once we get pally with some it is nice to be online when our friends are online.  I have more or less a grip of it now but what about you?

Here is a quiz about time zones.  Hope you will pick correctly

Just for your knowledge

“What does GMT stand for?

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time, the local clock time at Greenwich. From 1884 until 1972, GMT was the international standard of civil time. Though it has now been replaced by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), GMT is still the legal time in Britain in the winter, used by the Met Office, Royal Navy and BBC World Service. Greenwich Mean Time is also the name of the time zone used by some countries in Africa and Western Europe, including in Iceland all year round.”


  • Let’s talk about Tokyo, Japan. Any idea?

    • GMT+11
    • GMT+9
    • GMT+6
  • There must be some users here from Hongkong Any guess?

    • GMT+8
    • GMT+7
    • GMT+9
  • USA has 12 zones. I picked New jersey??

    • GMT-4
    • GMT-1
    • GMT-3
  • I love this place. Rotorua and I have a friend there.

    • GMT+10
    • GMT+11
    • GMT+12
  • India – I come from here. Most sleep when I am awake

    • GMT+5.30
    • GMT+6.30
    • GMT+6
  • There are users here from Indonesia

    • GMT+7
    • GMT+3
    • GMT+4
  • I know there are some from Canada. May be Toronto too?

    • GMT-5
    • GMT-4
    • GMT-2
  • My friend walked on ice river What zone is Moscow in ?

    • GMT+3
    • GMT+2
    • GMT+1

What do you think?

18 points

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  1. Bad day for me. I only know people who come from a time zone that I got correct. But, I guessed it. Generally, I know USA is 7hrs behind my country and the GMT for my country is +3. You are ahead of us😜😜😜

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