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How Smart Are You on What These Man-Made Habitats Keep? Get 12/15 to Become a Certified Zoologist

Do you know what’s the name of artificial houses built by caring people to these following animals to be mentioned on this quiz? If you are curious about those names, then check out my quiz and find out what are they.

Make sure to get 9/15 to pass my quiz. You can be a certified zoologist if you get 12/15 and above.

Good luck and have some fun to learn about this amazing quiz.

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  • What are kept in an apiary?

    • caterpillars
    • bees
    • aphids
    • ladybugs
  • Which of the following is not kept in an aquarium?

    • tuatara
    • arowana
    • koi
    • gourami
  • Which of the following is not allowed in a penguinarium?

    • rockhopper
    • emperor penguin
    • king penguin
    • auk
  • What are kept in an aviary?

    • birds
    • monkeys
    • snakes
    • spiders
  • Which of the following is not kept in an oceanarium?

    • sharks
    • dolphins
    • sting rays
    • alligators
  • Lepidopterarium is an aritificial house for what?

    • dragonflies
    • grasshoppers
    • butterflies
    • praying mantes
  • What are kept in a formicarium?

    • ants
    • millipedes
    • termites
    • dung beetles
  • What are kept in an ophidiarium?

    • bats
    • snakes
    • owls
    • monkeys
  • Riparium is usually a new kind of planted aquarium system that recreates the wet habitats found along the edges of lakes, rivers, ponds and streams. What does it hosts?

    • plants that don’t need land portion
    • algae that thrives on water and land
    • weeds that only thrives on land
    • grasses that don’t need both land and water portion
  • Which of the following is not a form of insectarium?

    • formicarium
    • serpentarium
    • apiary
    • lepidopterarium
  • A paludarium is a semi-aquatic enclosure that simulates the following except one. Which of the following is not?

    • rainforest
    • swamp
    • wetland
    • savanna
  • A terrarium is an artificial habitat that simulates the following except one. Which of the following is not?

    • jungle
    • desert
    • woodland
    • tundra
  • In a zoo, where do bears are kept artificially for display?

    • dikes
    • dungeons
    • pits
    • canopies
  • Lepidopterarium is also known commonly as what?

    • paradise park
    • sanctuary house
    • shangri-la plaza
    • utopia wilderness
  • What do you call a collective term for an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research?

    • imaginarium
    • ovovivarium
    • vivarium
    • trivianarium

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