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How Much Do You Know About Tom And Jerry?

Tom and Jerry is a series of animated characters that has graced our TV sets for long. Many of us have identified ourselves with these characters. This quiz we get to know them better.

Let us know more about these characters. I wish you the best.

  • Question of

    When was Tom and Jerry incepted?

    • 1840
    • 1940
    • 1740
    • 1920
  • Question of

    Tom and Jerry is a …..cartoon

    • American
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • None of the anove
  • Question of

    Who of the following is not associated with Tom And Jerry?

    • Richard Burton
    • Joseph Berbera
    • Gene Deitch
    • Bob Ogle
  • Question of

    Which of the following never wrote any series of Tom and Jerry?

    • Michael Maltese
    • Larz Bourne
    • Jim Pabian
    • John Richmond
  • Question of

    Who is ‘Mammy Two Shoes’?

    • Black character
    • Blackface series
    • Another name for Jerry
    • None of the three
  • Question of

    Who one plays voice in Tom and Jerry?

    • Rudolf Ising
    • Tom Ray
    • Billy Bletcher
    • Edward Plumb
  • Question of

    Which two created Tom and Jerry?

    • Bob Ogle and Joseph Berbera
    • William Hanna and Joseph Berbera
    • Joseph Berbera and Gene Deiten
    • William Hanna and John Dunn
  • Question of

    Which years did Tom and Jerry win 7 Academy for Animated short film?

    • 1940-1958
    • 1963-1967
    • 2001-2005
    • 1980-1982


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