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Horse Quiz Y1

Horse is a domestic animal which is used for various factors like transport, cultivation, pulling carts, riding, military and even sports. Here we have few question about Horse, try to answer.


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    Which of these is also the name of a Horse breed, but that breed is not originated from it?

    • Himalayan
    • Rocky Mountain
    • Hindu Kush
    • Dolomite
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    Which horse breed is also a national emblem of it’s originate Country?

    • Murgese
    • Haflinger
    • Akhal-Teke
    • Budyonny
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    Which of these is a pony horse breed?

    • Cavalli Falabella
    • Tennessee Walking
    • American Quarter
    • Mangalarga Marchador
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    Which horse breed is not known for its spotted coat pattern?

    • Appaloosa
    • Marwari
    • Knabstrupper
    • Noriker
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    Which breed is known for having the world records both for the largest horse and for the tallest horse?

    • Percheron
    • Mustang
    • Trakehner
    • Shire
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    Which Breed of Horse is known as “Golden Horses” due to shiny coat?

    • Akhal-Teke
    • Noriker
    • Norwegian Fjord
    • Haflinger
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    A disabled girl named Anna Swell, wrote a story about a Horse with different owners in 1871-77, What was name of the Horse and story title?

    • Black Beauty
    • Hank and Chloe
    • Saddle Club Series
    • Happy Horsemanship
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    Which of these horse based movies is based on an actual event of the Irish race horse being abducted in 1983?

    • The Red Stallion
    • Shergar
    • King of the Wind
    • Winky’s Horse


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