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History of Bismarck North Dakota

Another US capital another history. This is about Bismarck North Dakota. The link is added to the story about the capital.

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    Central North Dakota was once inhabited by the __________ people

    • Cherokee
    • Mandan
    • Aztec
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    The place that would become Bismarck was once called ______________

    • Missouri Crossing
    • Dakota Crossing
    • Bismarck Crossing
  • Question of

    At first the city was given the name ____________.

    • Missouri Town
    • Badger Town
    • Edwington
  • Question of

    The reason for calling it Edwington was in honor of Edwin Perry Johnson civil engineer of the Northern Pacific Railway.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    The railways changed the name of the city to Bismarck in honor of the German chancellor ____________.

    • Otto von Bismarck
    • Billy Bismarck
    • Toby Bismarck
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    The city’s growth period came when gold was discovered in the ___________.

    • The Dakota Hills
    • The Black Hills
    • The Bismarck Hills
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    Bismarck is located on the eastern bank of the ______ River.

    • Mississippi
    • Dakota
    • Missouri
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    One of the tourist attractions in the city is The Dakota Zoo.

    • Yes
    • No


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