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History of Annapolis Maryland

This is another quiz to train your brain after you’ve read my post 

Home of the U.S. Naval Academy about the history of the capital city of the US state Maryland, Annapolis. I have included a link to the post. Just complete or answer the information given. The photo you see at the top of the quiz is the flag of the state of Maryland. 

  • Question of

    Providence in Maryland was founded on the banks of the _____________

    • Mississippi River
    • Severn River
    • Missouri River
  • Question of

    The settlers were Puritan exiles from the U.S. state of ____________

    • Virginia
    • New Hanpshire
    • Delaware
  • Question of

    The capital of Maryland was named by Sir Francis Nicholson

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Annapolis is named after Princess Anne who became the ________

    • Queen of Denmark
    • Queen of Scotland
    • Queen of Great Britain
  • Question of

    Jonas Greene founded ____________

    • The Maryland Gazette
    • The Maryland Times
    • The New of Maryland
  • Question of

    Annapolis chief industries were oyster-packing, boat building, and sailmaking.

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    The city is home to ___________

    • the Marine College
    • the Army Department
    • the US Naval Academy
  • Question of

    The Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium hosted _______games as part of the XXIII Olympiad

    • football
    • soccer
    • tennis
  • Question of

    _______caused great damage to Annapolis

    • Katrina
    • Harvey
    • Isabel
  • Question of

    Maryland’s capital, Annapolis is on the ___________

    • Chesapeake Bay
    • Dover Bay
    • East Bay


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