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History of Albany New York

I have included the link to my post about the history of the capital of New York State Albany. All of the questions to the quiz come from this post.

  • Question of

    2. Albany, New York is the ___________ surviving European settlement in the U.S.

    • oldest
    • biggest
    • smallest
  • Question of

    3. Did the Algonquian, Mohican, and Iroquois tribes once live in the area?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    French traders built a primitive fort on ________

    • Palace Island
    • Castle Island
    • Indian Island
  • Question of

    The rebuilt fort on the island was called ________ by the Dutch

    • Fort Lemon
    • Fort Strawberry
    • Fort Orange
  • Question of

    The Albany Plan of Union was presented by ____________ .

    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • George Washington
  • Question of

    Albany became the hub of ____________.

    • trading
    • transportation
    • activity
  • Question of

    The ____________ was the first continuous water route from the Great Lakes to New York City.

    • Great Lakes Canal
    • Albany Canal
    • Erie Canal
  • Question of

    One of the biggest commodities became _________.

    • wine
    • beer
    • whiskey
  • Question of

    At one time there were about 4.000 ____________ in Albany

    • grain mills
    • saw mills
    • water mills
  • Question of

    The airport serving Albany is known as the Albany International Airport.

    • Yes
    • No


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