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The Guinness World Records- Prove That You Are A Wide Reader

In the book of THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, lots of amazing and unbelievable things or happenings are listed annually. It is known worldwide and is read by most people. Are you one of those wide readers? Test your knowledge about it. Enjoy the quiz!

  • Question of

    What is the name of the tallest dog from USA that was listed in the guinness world records?

    • Lizzy
    • Izzy
    • Mezzy
  • Question of

    Thunder Law of the Harlem Globetrotters from made the longest basketball shot which is 109 ft and 9 inches away.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    This person holds the guinness world record of consuming 26,000 big mac from McDonalds.

    • Donald Gorske
    • George Pearce
    • Adam Wright
  • Question of

    He created the longest golf club.

    • John Smith
    • Jack Thombson
    • Karsten Maas
  • Question of

    The record holder of being the oldest men striper is _____________.

    • Nick Wechsler
    • Bernard Barker
    • Gregory Jacobs
  • Question of

    The record holder of having the largest collection of pen’s ballpoint is ______.

    • Alyse Unverhau
    • Angelika Unverhau
    • Adele Unverhau
  • Question of

    The tallest living man, Sultan Kosen also holds the record of having the largest _____________.

    • Hand
    • Nose
    • Head
  • Question of

    The holder of the world record for having the longest fingernail, American Lee Redmond is from what country?

    • South Africa
    • Germany
    • USA
  • Question of

    The world’s tallest building according to the guinness world record is found in ____________.

    • Dubai
    • Korea
    • China


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