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Good Words to Know

Writers need to know what words will work best in the project they are working on. Those are the good words for them. But good words come in all sizes and shapes. A positive word to a depressed person will encourage them. A supportive word to a child struggling in school can inspire them. A consoling word to the bereaved can comfort them. All good words, no doubt.

Here, the good words have to do with character. There are people who like to be feared but that’s not actually satisfying. Being thought well of because of high character qualities, though, is something the best people find satisfying. So let’s talk about those qualities. They are useful for writers who are developing characters, but they are more useful for living life well.

Take the quiz to see how many of the definitions you can match to the words.  Let us know in the comments below whether you learned a new way to say something you already know.

  • Conscientious

    • effable
    • efficient
  • Courage

    • bravery
    • bravura
  • Fortitude

    • metallic
    • mettle
  • Integrity

    • probity
    • probing
  • Impeccable

    • ethical
    • etheral
  • Moral

    • virtuous
    • vacuous
  • Principled

    • homogeneous
    • honorable
  • Respectable

    • reputable
    • reproachable
  • Responsible

    • reluctant
    • reliable

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