Global Quiz – Medical Discoveries and Inventions!!!

Medical discoveries always been interesting and very beneficial to human health and with passage of time advancement take over to latest medical invention. This quiz is based on medical inventions time to time.

Take this quiz and get the best knowledge about medical invention which you did not knew before. Please push the emotion button if you like and write your score in comments section.

So are you ready? Here we Go !!!

  • Who created the vaccines to both anthrax and rabies ?

    • A- Louis Pasteur
    • B – Joseph Lister
    • C- Victor Horsley
  • What did Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discover by accident in November 1895?

    • A- Anaesthesia
    • B- Aspirin
    • C- X-ray
  • Who discoverd the vaccine for the highly infectious disease smallpox ?

    • A- Claude Beck
    • B- Rune Elmqvist
    • C- Edward Jenner
  • Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Discovered what in the early 1930’s??

    • A- Malaria
    • B- Vitamin C
    • C- Tuberculosis Vaccine
  • Robert Gallo and luc montagnier discovered what Virus?

    • A-HIV
    • B- Hepatitis
    • C- Ebola
  • In what year did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?

    • A- 1908
    • B- 1938
    • C- 1928
  • What medical machine was invented by willem einthoven in 1903?

    • A- Ultrasound
    • B- Electrocardiogram
    • C- Infusion Pump
  • In what country was the worlds first ”Test Tube Baby” born in 1978 ?

    • A- United States of America
    • B- France
    • C- United Kingdom
  • What did Karl Landsteiner discover at the beginning of 20th Century ?

    • A- Antitoxins
    • B- Insulin
    • C- Blood Types
  • What did Rene Laennec invent ?

    • A- Stethoscope
    • B- Pacemaker
    • C- Microscope

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