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Getting to Know Norway

Another fill-in to enjoy. This is all about the European country of Norway. Just complete the sentences correctly and enjoy the quiz. 

  • Question of

    Norway is the most northerly country on the continent of Europe. Norway ___ more than 500 km north of the Arctic Circle.

    • is extending
    • extends
    • has extended
  • Question of

    Norway has one of the longest coast lines of any country in the world. In many places the sea ___ far inland.

    • reaches
    • is reaching
    • has reached
  • Question of

    Often surrounded by high mountains, these beautiful areas of water ___ fjords.

    • is calling
    • call
    • are called
  • Question of

    Twenty years ago Norway started pumping oil from its portion of the North Sea. Since that time, Norway ___ the largest exporter of oil in Europe.

    • became
    • has become
    • becoming
  • Question of

    The income from the oil ___ to support one of the highest standards of living in the world.

    • has been used
    • is using
    • will use
  • Question of

    Norway has a rather small population of just a little more than 4.3 million and an area of almost 324,000 km2. This ___ that Norway is the least densely populated country in Europe.

    • is meaning
    • means
    • was meant
  • Question of

    Norway became an independent country again in 1905. Until that time it ___ first by Denmark and then Sweden for more than 500 years.

    • rules
    • is ruling
    • was ruled
  • Question of

    In recent years, a big effort ___ by the government of Norway to develop fish farms. As a result, Norway is now the world’s largest producer of salmon.

    • has been made
    • is made
    • made
  • Question of

    Oslo, the capital of Norway ________ on the country’s southern coat.

    • locates
    • is located
    • locating
  • Question of

    One of the popular cities to visit is Bergen. The city is _______ by mountains and fjords.

    • wrapped
    • viewed
    • surrounded
  • Question of

    Winter sports are very popular in Norway, which ___ the Winter Olympics twice – once in 1952 and again in 1994.

    • hosted
    • has hosted
    • is hosting
  • Question of

    The national dish of Norway is Farikal. It _______ of lamb and cabbage.

    • made with
    • making
    • was made


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