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Getting to Know Malaysia

This is a quiz requiring completion. It is about Malaysia. I have included some photos that might not pertain directly to the sentence but you can see the beauty of this country. I have also included some photos of the wildlife that make their home in this country. Other photos directly apply to the facts. 

  • Question of

    Malaysia, ___ is located in Southeast Asia, has an equatorial climate

    • who
    • which
    • what
  • Question of

    Malaysia ___ of Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo.

    • consists
    • consist
    • consisting
  • Question of

    The capital ___ Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.

    • for
    • in
    • of
  • Question of

    . Malaysia is a member of ___ Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN.

    • the
    • a
    • an
  • Question of

    Malaysia ___ a multi ethnic and multi religious population of 24 million.

    • have
    • has
    • is having
  • Question of

    The ethnic groups are the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans and ___.

    • another
    • other
    • others
  • Question of

    The national language is Bahasa Malaysia ___ English is widely spoken throughout the country.

    • but
    • or
    • because
  • Question of

    In Malaysia, the currency used ___ the Malaysian Ringgit (RM).

    • has been calling
    • is called
    • calls
  • Question of

    Malaysia exports agricultural products and ___ goods.

    • manufacturing
    • manufacture
    • manufactured
  • Question of

    . Some of the leading ___ are petroleum, palm oil, rubber, timber, electronic equipment and textiles.

    • exports
    • exported
    • exporting
  • Question of

    Malaysia is famous for ___ tropical rain forests, idyllic beaches and interesting cities.

    • it’s
    • it
    • its


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