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Getting to know Asia Quiz

Asia is the largest continent on earth by area. It takes up about one third of the land area on earth and most of the world’s population live there. Asia includes the most populous countries as well as vast areas that are virtually inhabited. The continent of Asia is separated from Europe by the Mediterranean sea and the black sea. Even though some countries are geographically in Asia, they may be more politically aligned to Europe. Take the quiz to see how well you know Asia.

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    The smallest country by land area and population

    • Bhutan
    • Palestine
    • Maldives
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    Which country is not in Asia

    • Russia
    • Cyprus
    • Sudan
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    Which is the largest country by area in Asia?

    • Iran
    • Russia
    • Japan
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    This country gets the most tourists annually

    • United Arab Emirates
    • Japan
    • China
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    This country requires an annual waist measurement. If it exceeds the legal limit you will be “coached”

    • North Korea
    • Japan
    • Singapore
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    The Malay archipelago is the largest in the world and found in this region

    • Indonesia-Phillipines
    • Thailand
    • Mongolia
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    These countries are ranked the 2nd and 3rd biggest economies in the world

    • China and Japan
    • Saudia Arabia and South Korea
    • Oman and Russia
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    This is the 6th largest economy in the world

    • India
    • Jordan
    • Tajikistan
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    What is the population of this continent?

    • 2 billion
    • 3.5 billion
    • Over 4 billion
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    Tobacco is banned here

    • Turkmenistan
    • Georgia
    • Bhutan


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